Aren’t you READY for 100% Commission? 100% commission

At Ready Real Estate, we always say, “If you want to earn less, that’s your business…but if you want to earn MORE, that’s our business!”

So you’ve come to the right place to learn about how you can start making 100% commission.

  • Learn more about our 100% Commission plans
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  • For part-timers, we have an 85% plan that’s just right for you
  • We have cutting-edge technology that makes your job easier
  • Training is available when you want it
  • Positive, supportive company culture that celebrates YOUR success!
  • Much more!

100% commission – How does it work?

Many agents are not sure how 100% commission works. It sounds confusing, right? How can an agent keep 100% of their commission? How would the brokerage make any money? 

The concept is actually pretty simple. Instead of taking a whopping 30% (or sometimes more!) from an agent, at Ready Real Estate, agents keep 100% commission and only pay a small flat fee.  Click here to learn more.

The technology of today allows us to be more efficient than the “old-school brokerages.”  We simply pass those savings on to our real estate agents in the form of 100% commission.

You work hard for your money so your broker should work hard for you, too, right? At Ready Real Estate, we do!  We make sure our agents have all the modern tools they need to have that competitive edge in today’s marketplace.  Our technology is agent-friendly, easy-to-use and best of all, makes you look good to your clients!

Ready Real Estate was founded in 2004. We have multiple offices in Dallas and Fort Worth and we serve the entire DFW MetroPlex so you can work the areas you want!

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