Top 10 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents 2013

2013 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

We’re going to go ahead and assume you know all about Zillow, Trulia and, plus the other standbys, such as Evernote and DropBox.  This year, we’re going to focus on the best apps for real estate agents that will help you take your business to the next level.  For the most useful apps for real estate agents last year, click here.

To download any of the best apps for real estate agents, click on iOS or Android below the app’s name.

LightTrac app for real estateLightTrac

$4.99    iOS & Android

The photos you take of your listings are so important. With over 90% of home searches beginning online, your photos need to stand out. You know how the photos of the front of the home always look better when the sun is facing it? LightTrac is your secret weapon to knowing when the sun will be in position for the best shot.

Bonus App: MagicHour (iphone app) alerts you to those two special times of the day (just after sunrise & just before sunset) when the sun produces gorgeous light to make your listings “glow.”

Loopnet Commercial


Free, with limitations.  iOS & Android

This is a good app if you occasionally find yourself working with a client who needs to find a commercial property. The app itself is free, but the free version is a little limiting. You can only see listings that are input by premium members, but oftentimes, commercial listings are not on the “regular” MLS and you can only find them on so this is better than nothing. If you happen to be a premium subscriber to, you can see all listings.


Unisys USDA Loan Eligibility Checker

Free   iOS only

This title of this free app pretty much says it all. It gives you a quick and easy way to determine whether a location or address might be eligible for a USDA Rural Development home loan program.



Haiku Deck

Free   iPad only  

This is my favorite presentation tool because it’s so easy to use and produces such beautiful work. It can make anyone (even me!) look like a design professional. In real estate, image is important and Haiku Deck will make you look good! Here is an earlier review of Haiku Deck: CLICK HERE. Haiku Deck has added a web application for Chrome and Safari browsers so now you can use it on your computer, which is great if you’re an Android user, since there is no Android app (yet). This is one of the best apps for real estate agents looking to improve the power of their presentations.


Sitegeist App


Free    iOS and Android

Sitegeist is a neat way to learn more about a neighborhood, beyond the usual mapping apps that show local businesses. Sitegeist includes demographics, such as average age, gender and even political contributions (!) in a particular area and does so in an attractive infographic format.




Lite version is Free, $2.99 for premium.    iOS and Android

If you love larger tax returns, MileBug is for you. It’s a beautiful, easy to use app that tracks your tax-deductible mileage. Milebug includes GPS tracking and reports. See a demo video here


Zite for real estate agents


Free   iOS and Android

Last year’s best apps for real estate agents included Flipboard, which is a fun to use app for discovering news and seeing your Facebook and Twitter feeds. However, I believe Zite offers a faster, more streamlined way to view all kinds of news. In particular, it’s a great way to see at a glance all of the real estate industry news from a variety of sources, including Inman, 1000Watt, KCM and many others.

best apps for real estate agents

Peak Producers from Brian Buffini

Free (additional content with subscription)      iOS and Android

Brian Buffini is a well-known and respected real estate coach and this is one of his apps. I like it, because 1. It’s free and 2. You don’t have to register to watch the videos, you can just start watching. Of course, there are additional classes and content available to subscribers of his Peak Producers program, but even if you’re not, there are hours of free videos useful to real estate agents in all stages of their careers. This is one of the best apps for real estate agents looking for a little motivation or some marketing ideas.

Photodrip App for real estate


Free    iOS only

This is the most recently released app on this list, but I’m including it because I’ve tried it out and it will make your job easier if you are previewing properties for clients. Photodrip is an easier way to share multiple photos with clients at once. You go to tour a property, snap your pictures from the app, send them via text message or email from within the app and the app will create a link that your client can click to see all the photos at once.  Or, use it while you are with your client as an easy way to help them remember each property. Best of all, your client does not have to have the app to see the photos. Give it a whirl and see if you can use it in your business.

iMovie for real estate


Free    iOS only

I’m not sure how many agents realize the untapped potential of iMovie to make property tours. With the “Trailer” feature, iMovie does much of the work for you; all you have to add is the video (or even just photos!) and the words. This is one of the best apps for real estate agents who want to impress their sellers, yet are on a limited budget and can’t afford an expensive virtual tour. Below is a sample video that I found just using photos. Still pretty cool!



That’s it for this year!  Did we miss any of your favorites?  Which do you think are the best apps for real estate agents?

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