When to fire a client

Firing Offenses

Last week, we talked about certain steps you can take to avoid firing a client. Read about it here. Because truthfully, firing a client should be a rare occurrence. As real estate agents, we are professionals and shouldn’t fire a client just for a petty personality conflict or because we are avoiding doing the tough (but […]

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when to fire a client

Hey Client – You’re Fired

There are many days when our job as a real estate agent is everything we hoped it would be – and more. You get your first-time homebuyers qualified and they can afford more than they thought You find an accessible home for the family with the special needs child and they also happen to love […]

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part time real estate agents

The Truth About Part Time Real Estate Agents

If you’re new to the real estate industry, you’ve probably been told by numerous veteran real estate agents that real estate is not a job you can do part-time. Heck, most of the major “name-brand” franchise brokers won’t even accept part-time real estate agents. The argument goes something like this: It’s difficult to make it as a part-time […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2014

It’s that time again

It’s time to revisit the year that was and recap all the useful tips and tricks of our trade by counting down the Top Ten Posts by the Ready Agent in 2014. 10. Don’t Blow It With Your Sphere There’s a smart way to ask for referrals that won’t scare off your family or cause […]

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Referral Appreciation Program

The Greatest Compliment…

The greatest compliment you can give me is a referral. We see this so many times on business cards, on email signature lines, and on marketing materials.  Why?  Because ask any Realtor who’s had success what their best source of business is and you can bet they’ll say “referrals.”  That’s great; but what if you’re a new […]

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Drop Cam

Somebody’s watching me

I always feel like…somebody’s watching me…and I got no privacy…whoa-oh-o-oh… Okay, I’m really showing my age by singing the lyrics to the Rockwell song from the 80’s…but it has so much more relevance in today’s day and age, doesn’t it? We hear in the news that our phone conversations are being listened to, our purchases tracked, our […]

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Get a Hobby

A Lobby for Hobbies

How would you like to increase your job performance by 30%? Sounds great, right? Now, what if I told you that you can do so, just by having a hobby? A recent study has found that agents who spend more time involved in their hobbies are more likely to increase their number of sales (and […]

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