100% Commission

100% Commission

With the Gold Star 100 plan, agents are paid the highest commission in the industry – 100% commission.  You work hard for your commission, so why give so much to your broker?  At Ready Real Estate, you don’t have to!

100% Commission Plus, you get so much more at Ready Real Estate. All agents on the GoldStar100 plan enjoy these other great benefits:

  • Leads! Leads! Leads!
  • E & O is included!
  • Free Agent Websites with IDX (MLS listings)
  • Free local eFax number
  • Free on-line Flyer Makers – easy to use! Impress your sellers!
  • Technology that makes your job easier and makes you look good!
  • Great training and support
  • Much more!

So how does 100% commission work?

Many agents don’t know how 100% commission works. It sounds confusing, right? How can an agent keep 100% of their commission? How would the brokerage make any money?

It’s actually pretty easy and makes sense once you think about it. Instead of taking a whopping 30% (or sometimes more!) from an agent, at Ready Real Estate, agents keep 100% of the commission on their agent-generated business and pay a small, flat fee instead. Our transaction fee is only $250.

The technology of today allows us to keep our overhead low and we simply pass those savings on to our real estate agents in the form of 100% commission.

While agent-generated business is paid at 100%, we also provide free Ready Leads, which are paid out on a 50/50 split. To learn more, click here.

For example

Say you represented a buyer who bought a $200,000 home and you received a 3% buyer’s agent commission of $6,000.  Instead of paying your broker 30% (or sometimes more!), you would only pay Ready Real Estate $250.

Lets do the Math

That’s a difference of $1,550! Do a lot of transactions and it really starts to add up.  Just 20 transactions and that’s $31,000 you are losing by not being at Ready Real Estate.  You wouldn’t let your clients leave that kind of money on the table…why would you?

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