We have real estate leads

Need clients?

We’ve got real estate leads!  At Ready Real Estate, we provide qualified agents on our Gold Star 100 plan with real clients. Plus, with our proprietary Lead Management system, you’ll have more information about those real estate leads.  You’ll learn what they’re searching for, their favorite homes, how often they’re logging in and more.  That way, when you contact them, you have a great way to establish rapport.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself:

I’m a good agent. I just need the clients to work with!

Then, the Ready Real Estate Leads program is just for you! We know that it can be hard to get new clients, especially if you’re new to the business or new to the area. Heck, even an experienced agent can have a hard time generating business in a competitive market.  That’s why we generate the business for you.  We help keep our agents focused on what they do best – work with clients and closing deals.

Because we spend an enormous amount of company resources (money!) to generate these real estate leads, they are paid on a 50/50 split.

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How are Leads distributed?

Once a lead comes in, it is given to one agent who serves the area where the homebuyer or seller is. If that agent can’t accept, it goes to the next agent in line. Agents receive the lead three ways:

  1. Lead Manager
  2. Email
  3. Text Message.

This gives them the opportunity to respond to the client as soon as possible.

How can I get more Leads?

The best way to increase the amount of leads you receive is to become a good closer. While we try to give all new agents a fair amount of leads, eventually the truly good agents become Top Producers. In fact, many of our Top Producers ask us to hold back on the leads because they have become so busy with their own business (paid at 100%). This enables us to give more leads to the newer agents. And we provide training to help all our agents become Top Producers. You can also get more leads by increasing the area you’re willing to cover and being willing to go to where the clients are.

How many Leads will I get?

At Ready Real Estate, we believe in quality over quantity. For example, many real estate companies require homebuyers to register on their sites, just to look at listings! They call those leads, even though it may just be a looky-loo or a nosy neighbor. At Ready Real Estate, homebuyers can look at our listings without registering. They only register if they are saving their favorites, creating an email alert, asking a specific question about a property or best of all, requesting a showing. That means most of our leads are actually expecting to hear from an agent and are usually happy when an agent calls to help.

What do you mean by Qualified Agent?

Only agents on the Gold Star 100 plan are eligible to recieve leads. On top that, in order to qualify, agents must have availability to respond to the clients in a very timely manner. That usually eliminates those with other full-time, 9-to-5 type jobs. A qualified agent also agrees to work with all types of clients, as we are an equal housing real estate company. Other requirements may vary by office.