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The Truth About Part Time Real Estate Agents

If you’re new to the real estate industry, you’ve probably been told by numerous veteran real estate agents that real estate is not a job you can do part-time. Heck, most of the major “name-brand” franchise brokers won’t even accept part-time real estate agents.

The argument goes something like this:

It’s difficult to make it as a part-time real estate agent because you have to be available when your clients need you and it’s hard, if not impossible, to be available when you’re committed to another job. Also, part-time real estate agents have less time to devote to training and learning the market and so have less value to offer their clients. Part-time agents may end up having to share their income by referring out business that they can’t handle. Then, because they’re not closing as many deals, it can be challenging to afford all of the broker fees, board dues and marketing needed to stay in the business. 

Many veteran agents feel that part-time agents give all real estate agents a bad rap. These are the same agents who advocate for higher “barriers” of entry into the profession (of course, only after they’ve gotten their license, wink-wink).

The Truth About Part-Time Real Estate Agents

But the truth is, there are good and knowledgeable part-time real estate agents just as there are also careless, dim-witted full-time agents. Real estate truly is one of the only professions where you have control over what you get out of it and as difficult as it is for some to believe, not every agent out there wants to be the “Top Million Dollar Producer.”  Many real estate agents have more modest goals, and that’s okay.

Also, not all part-time real estate agents have another job.  Some agents choose to work on a part-time basis for other reasons. Perhaps they recently retired from another profession and are just looking to stay busy and make a little extra money. Or, perhaps they are a stay-at-home mother who is grateful that today’s technology allows her to work from her home office.  There are all sorts of reasons people can do real estate on a part-time basis.

For those part-time real estate agents who do have another job, one advantage they have is that they have access to a whole group of people who potentially need to buy or sell real estate. That agent’s co-workers can become a great source of clients, as well as referrals. These are folks who are understanding of the part-time agent’s time constraints and are perfectly happy to work with them and with their limitations.

Part-time real estate agents tend to work with their family, friends and referrals.  And, because they don’t have to spend as much time, energy and money on marketing themselves, they can focus on learning the ins-and-outs of the real estate trade and actually become quite good and competent at what they do.  Their clients also feel comfortable working with someone whose livelihood doesn’t depend on the sale.

Thinking About Part-Time?

At Ready Real Estate, we treasure our part-time agents and value their contributions just as much as our full-time agents. If you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and would like to learn more about Ready’s programs for part-time agents, click here to see if we might make a good fit.


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