tale of the tape

The Tale of the Tape (sort of)

Have you ever watched a football game and heard the announcers talk about how the teams “watch film” on each other?  Or maybe you’ve heard about Olympians or other professional, high-level athletes who study video of themselves so that they can see what they are doing right and wrong and that way, they can adjust their training accordingly.

Our broker shows cutting horses competitively.  To get better, he watches video of each time he shows so he can see his strengths and weaknesses. But even if it was a good run with a good score, he’s always analyzing ways that he could improve.  It must work…he’s been a multiple champion.

While we as agents don’t have any literal “video” we could watch of ourselves during our transactions…it’d be wise to take a similar approach.  Wouldn’t we be smart, if after each transaction, we stepped back and asked ourselves (and possibly even our clients!), “What went right? What could have gone better? What could I, as an agent, do differently next time to create a smoother experience for my clients?” 

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

If we can see we are having the same “hiccups” in our transactions, we can work to improve.

For instance, an agent who always seems to end up with clients whose financing falls apart at the last minute might become more assertive that they get prequalified from a reputable lender, such as Ready partner lender, Prime Lending (a PlainsCapital company. You know, the folks with the buffalo?). 

Another example might be an agent whose clients always freak out about the results of a home inspection.  Why do all the clients have the same overreaction to an ordinary part of the process? Could it be that the agent is over-promising on what can happen after an inspection?  Is the agent saying, “Oh, don’t worry about that…we’ll just get the seller to fix it or get them to knock it off the price,” when in fact, the seller is under no obligation to do so.

At Ready Real Estate, we train our agents to manage their client’s expectations in all phases of the transaction. One useful tool prior to an inspection is our “What to expect during an inspection” presentation.  Click here to download.

Finally, what about an agent who shows each client dozens and dozens of homes without ever writing any offers?  Perhaps that agent should learn how to “Overcome Objections to Writing Offers.”

Stepping back and analyzing your own transactions (or with the help of your broker) as if you were in training to become a world-class athlete can help you become a world-class agent. And all your future clients will thank you. (And send you more referrals!)

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  1. JJ November 7, 2014 at 3:57 AM #

    thank you for the tips , I will use the step back and analysing tip , even in south Africa we have to think on our feet and recheck yourself of your own results and improving on the next deal

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